The Colors Of The Top 100 Web Brands

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The Colors Of The Top 100 Web Brands

What Are The Colors Of The Top 100 Web Brands?

powerful web colors

powerful web colors


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  1. Mithu Hassan 26 maart 2012 om 10:22

    Thanks a lot for sharing a great infographic!!

  2. Tom Laing (@tomlaing) 26 maart 2012 om 10:25

    Not surprising given the appeal of different colours. Some will be well research – other just following the appeal.

  3. Ashley Drake Gephart 26 maart 2012 om 10:26

    I like the grouping by category. Nice visual! Shared, tweeted, g+, pinned.

  4. Alexander BK 26 maart 2012 om 10:44

    You have done a great job with the colors!

  5. Aviva 26 maart 2012 om 12:05

    Great chart! Thanks for sharing! Shared everywhere

  6. Jill 26 maart 2012 om 12:18

    I find it interesting that the top 2 brands (google and msn) are not 1 color but multiple colors ! Which to me usually goes against the grain of branding (your logo with 1/2 colors) I hope its a trend that keeps going though so business can choose their pallet.

  7. Srivatsan 26 maart 2012 om 13:13

    Attention to detail is simply outstanding. Brilliantly done and though data is huge very cleanly clearly depicted. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Ramesh Shankerlal 26 maart 2012 om 13:35

    Thanks for sharing this, very important information via info graphics!

  9. Gaye Crispin 26 maart 2012 om 14:17

    wow.. fabulous!

  10. Tareq G. 26 maart 2012 om 14:24

    Very useful, thanks I was looking for something like this. 🙂

  11. Liz Hall 26 maart 2012 om 14:45

    Love this info!! Colors do matter! Have a great week!

  12. Chris Lewis ? 26 maart 2012 om 14:55

    Excellent infographic! Thank you for sharing!

  13. David Dewhirst 26 maart 2012 om 18:58

    Thanks for this infographic, it’s awesome! I see the web “blue-ifying”… so choosing a complementary color (orange!) should help you punch through all of that blue noise, particularly when thinking about how a small ad is going to stand out, for example, on Facebook amidst all that blue… Just thinking out loud 🙂

  14. Lilrob 26 maart 2012 om 23:48

    That is very interesting. You sure did do a lot if reasearch to fill all this out WOW this is amazing work. Good job!! =]

  15. Wandspiegel 27 maart 2012 om 13:46

    great job… blue is the web color!

  16. law website 1 mei 2012 om 20:01

    Really good job on the info graphic, amazing effort i’ve got to say! Thanks for sharing this.

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