Can Facebook Graph Search make you Money? an infographic

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Can Facebook Graph Search make you Money? an infographic

Can Facebook Graph Search make you Money? an infographic

Facebook’s latest innovation – Graph Search, went live in January. Currently it covers four basic searches but it is expected to expand over the coming years.

Graph Search uses the one trillion or so social connections on Facebook to provide relevant and professionalized search results.

The name itself is derived from a sociogram which Facebook uses to depict the personal relations of its users. It currently supports  searches for the following types of objects – public posts, people, pages,events,applications, groups, places, check-ins and objects with locations info attached.

So, how does all this help small business? One way is that Graph Search places an emphasis on local search rather than brand pages.

This means that small businesses with local pages are given the same voice as everyone else. Check out the infographic below, developed by: Advantage Capital Funds, to learn more about Graph Search as well as some tips on how to optimize your pages to take advantage.

Can Facebook Graph Search make you Money

Can Facebook Graph Search make you Money

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