Building Managing Social Brand Presences with 100 Million+ Social Media Reach Worldwide


Building Managing Social Brand Presences with 100 Million+ Social Media Reach WorldwideOver 80% of purchase decisions are based on recommendations. With our Social Media Awareness Skills and S3-Buzz!™ you can easily grow the number of recommendations and public mentions via the help of your business friends, customers, and partners.

Having Impact in the market. S3-Buzz!™  is a unique solution helping teams overcome today’s challenges in the social web such as standing out of the crowd, spreading the word, getting attention and significantly grow awareness.

We invented new technology and new methods to help carry out a buzz campaign whether it is local, national or global. You can easily create campaigns, add your content, invite a buzz team and carry it out.

Our team has many years experience with buzz campaigns and learned a lot about buzz dynamics, behavior, motivation to communicate other people’s messages and what it takes to carry out a buzz across many degrees of separation.

Some of those campaigns developed a reach of roughly 100 Million! S3-Buzz is the result if that experience.

General Functionality: S3-Buzz supports multiple networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Xing, StumbleUpon and Pinterest. A message that needs to be shared will automatically be structured to fit the needs of the respective network message format. You can include text, images, hash tags and links into the overall message.

A S3-Buzz can be created and shared by one person. However S3-Buzz unfolds its real power when the Buzz Master starts building a buzz team of people who all build their own buzz group and spread the buzz with their network and possible build their own teams.

S3-Buzz can easily span multiple degrees of separation and literally span the glob.

All buzz activities are tracked and recorded so that the responsible “Buzz Master” knows exactly how many people helped spreading the word and how many posts were placed.

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