Best Times to Post on Social Media, an infographic

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Best Times to Post on Social Media, an infographic

Best Times to Post on Social Media, an infographic

Social media mastery – if such a concept even exists – ultimately comes downs to many things, but one of the most important elements is time.

That is, time in the sense of how much actual weeks, days, hours and minutes you invest in platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, but also in how effectively you figure out the besttimes you should be posting to and engaging with your fans and community to maximise ROI.

Now, here’s the trick: timing is much an art as it is a science, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to this strategy. But by looking at what tends to work well for most brands, and then working backwards from here by doing your own experimentation and tweaking the end results, you can fairly quickly figure out the right approach for you.

Let’s not lie. Timing is huge.

Some people have wondered if it really matters at what time social media posts are made. Just think about it – If you post an incredible piece of content, but no one’s there to read it, how much has it accomplished? Post at the wrong time and accomplish nothing. Post at the right time and you could grow your online presence by leaps and bounds. It’s especially important if you’re doing social media marketing.

The following infographic displays the best times to post on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and blogs:

See the summary down below:

Source: Fannit

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  1. Richard 24 september 2013 om 09:14

    Great Article! This is very helpful to know so we can maximize our Social Media Marketing efforts.

  2. Ming Jong Tey 24 september 2013 om 09:19

    Thanks for this great infographic!

    I found that apart from posting at the peak time, we will need to get the targeted audience and followers to match our posting time.

    For example, if we target Asia pacific visitors, we should be posting during the Asia Pacific timezone instead of our own timezone.


  3. Hansjörg Leichsenring 24 september 2013 om 09:37

    Intersting. Thanks Berrie for sharing this

    Cheers from Germany


  4. Ernie Meyer 24 september 2013 om 10:09

    This is great info for me to pass on to my social manager.

  5. dean park 24 september 2013 om 10:21

    Thanks for the information.

    I will take this on board when posting



  6. alainbkk 24 september 2013 om 10:39

    that’s very interesting. Now I will targeted audience with a different way.
    Agreed with you Ming, I am also in Asia, so we have to adapt timing to our country!
    Thanks so much.

  7. Terri Nakamura 24 september 2013 om 11:05

    Berrie, this is a great, comprehensive post. Thank you for creating it.

    I post things at around the same times each day and they don’t exactly align with the infographic, but somehow people still tune in, engage and amplify. The world is awake 24/7, so I’m wondering if spillover from international followers can fill in the gaps?

    Thanks very much!

  8. Mary-Margaret Walker 24 september 2013 om 12:06

    I love this one. It’s informative and colorful!! Thanks Berrie!

  9. Passerby 24 september 2013 om 13:30

    Fascinating post, and something that I hadn’t thought about for. This is another reason to consider using BufferApp or similar tools, so that we can post at any time of day/night that we choose.

  10. Tiaan Jonker 24 september 2013 om 13:31

    Really useful information, and interesting. Thank you very much!

  11. Gary Hewett 24 september 2013 om 15:55

    Love the timeline view of this – someone needs to make an info-graphic that focused exclusively on the timeline and make is suitable for hanging in an office – just a thought 🙂

  12. Rajesh 24 september 2013 om 21:58

    I was using Facebook and LinkedIn at correct time, will use Twitter after 1 PM. Thanks for sharing this, will follow your suggestions about posting time.

  13. Detlev Artelt 26 september 2013 om 23:21

    interesting post. Thx!

  14. Reginald 30 september 2013 om 13:56

    Found this site over Twitter. Good timing and I think it is a great infographic you got there!

    Shared and thank you for everything mate. Bookmarked too!

  15. Gagan 4 oktober 2013 om 17:49

    good info
    But this time is based upon which country?

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