xeemeBecome a VIP on XeeMe

XeeMe is a product of Society3 Group Inc.

XeeMe helps you maximize your social media impact by turning your engagement into actionable responses. XeeMe helps you organize your social presence so you can share it with every activity and stimulate responses from your audience. Get your readers and contacts to your presence for maximum impact. XeeScore, presence analytics and network relevance reports help you navivgate towards maximum impact.

In addition to the technology, XeeMe has one of the coolest user communities with people from over 100 countries.

Description: XeeMe VIP Edition

  • A limited edition of 1,000 accounts A special price for the first 100
  • 60,000 credits per month (a $720/year value)
  • VIP theme exclusive to VIPs
  • Certified account, access to XRL
  • Access to “Mega Buzz”
  • VIP Beta access to new products
  • List VIPs (XeeMe) + biz description on XeeMe website
  • VIP badge on profile
  • VIP FB group with beta access and first tryouts tips and insides
  • VIP t-shirt with personal XeeMe URL on it
  • XeeMe product training for free or at least 50% discount
  • Be-annually VIP talk (VIP online conference, road map…)
  • Discounts on special events
  • Special badge and gift after 5 years membership

If those 1,000 accounts are all gone, the only way to get a VIP account is if a VIP user is selling their VIP account.

The first 100 will pay $16.60/month – $199/year – thereafter it will be $299/year or 29.95/month



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