New Atomic Social Media Tribe on #Triberr

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New Atomic Social Media Tribe on #Triberr

New Atomic Social Media Tribe on #Triberr

New Atomic Social Media Tribe on #Triberr

New Atomic Social Media Tribe on #Triberr 

What is a Triberr Tribe?
A Tribe is a vibrant community featuring content created by bloggers, photographers and videographers. Becoming part of a Tribe is a great way to give a topic some sizzle because it’s more engaging to readers when the content is produced by a variety of voices – much like a newspaper or magazine.

Joining a Tribe or creating your own is a great way to build your brand and drive more traffic.

That’s the power of an Atomic Tribe.

For brands, integrating a Tribe within your website is a powerful way to engage your customers, expand your online presence and drive sales conversions.

What are Atomic Tribes?

Atomic Tribes will weave several innovative concepts together, like:

  • Auto/manual content sharing across multiple destination networks
  • Tribe SEO, a new technology available only to Triberr members
  • Priority Handling
  • Flexible account and RSS treatment
  • Custom shortner
  • Bone-deep statistics
  • Chief-centric controls
  • Priority Support

How many members can an Atomic Tribe have?
Atomic Tribes purchased during our alpha and beta periods can have up to 500 members. This number may change once ATs are opened up to everyone.

Who can join my Atomic Tribe?
Anyone. Unlike traditional tribes, Atomic Tribes can include both bloggers and non-bloggers.
Invite anyone who likes to read and share your blog posts. Friends, family, co-workers, social network connections, blog readers, family pets… everyone is welcome.

How does a Chief invite someone to an Atomic Tribe?
Atomic tribes have a special invite link that you can share with anyone, anywhere. They can follow your link and they will land on your tribe invite page. With a click of a button they can join.

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  1. Amanda 9 oktober 2012 om 11:35

    Looking forward to seeing how these work out! Great overview!

  2. Tom Laing (@tomlaing) 9 oktober 2012 om 11:37

    Now I see the light –

  3. Manuela Tosi 9 oktober 2012 om 09:38

    E' veramente efficace.

  4. Yagya Gaire 9 oktober 2012 om 09:41

    Awesome Joined…

  5. Srivatsan Krishnamurthy 9 oktober 2012 om 09:52

    Sounds very interesting… I might join though not a big writer or blogger but I guess most of my friends would… Cheers

  6. Carla Curtis 9 oktober 2012 om 10:00

    Interesting! Sounds good to join here.

  7. Goldschmiede Plaar 9 oktober 2012 om 10:17


  8. Semen Frish 9 oktober 2012 om 10:43

    Thanks, I've registered but not yet connected twitter and FB, #socialmedia is too fast to follow all over %).

  9. Abhijit Pradhan 9 oktober 2012 om 13:02

    Have already joined and looking forward to getting more enlightened 🙂

  10. Jonathan Boyer 9 oktober 2012 om 11:33

    Interesting! Sounds good to join here.

  11. Harold Gardner 9 oktober 2012 om 11:53

    Interesting plan. I hope that it works well.

  12. Cosmic Doggerel 9 oktober 2012 om 12:14

    very interesting

  13. Vera Berry 9 oktober 2012 om 16:40

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