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Asking a Favor on

Asking a Favor on

Asking a Favor on

Asking a Favor on

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A Simple Way To Ask For Help & Track The Results lets professionals build and strengthen relationships by exchanging valuable help with one another. Requests can be as simple as a retweet or as important as an introduction, and each request is tracked to reveal who you help and who helps you and your networks the most.

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Building Reputation

The More Help You Give, The More Help You Get

Your reputation is important in your professional life, so it’s important on too. We’ve carefully created a set of tools to help you understand the impact you have on the community, how you help individual users, how other individual users help you, and how other individual users help each other.

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  1. Sally K Witt, Social Media and Ministry 21 december 2011 om 20:29

    I love the website. Berrie, you are such a pied piper. The membership really increased once you joined!

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