The Most Annoying Types of Ads on the Internet #infographic

Pop-up ads, lottery scams, and other types of advertising do more than just interrupt the flow of information online. Respondents to a recent survey on annoying ads have reported losing sleep and even assaulting their hardware after reading yet another email from a pen pal in a foreign land who needs them to transfer some money.

Although a greater number of Americans (60 percent) are annoyed by television commercials than internet ads, the newer medium is on the rise, with 55 percent who are finding annoying ads in their inboxes and 37 percent who say they are happening on social media.

The most offensive kinds are:

  • Pop-up ads – 70%
  • Lottery scams – 70%
  • Male enhancement ads – 66%
  • Emails from deceased African leaders who have left them money – 64%
  • Ads for products and services they do not need – 58%
  • Female enhancement ads – 54%

Image by Djomas. Infographic by InsightsOne.

The Most Annoying Types of Ads on the Internet

The Most Annoying Types of Ads on the Internet

SEO Social Media Tip of today; Frames and Flash (please unlock)


If you must use frames, always use the noframes tag

Frames and search engines don’t mix well. But if you must use frames, then you should always include an extensive noframes version of your site. And by extensive, the best way to get your site indexed in search engines is to completely rewrite it in your noframes version.

If you must use Flash, always include alternative text

Flash and search engines don’t mix well, but if you must use flash you should include alternate text that describes exactly what the Flash element includes. And if you use Flash for your entire site, you should always do an alternate version of the complete site in HTML so that search engines and non-Flash browsers can view it as well.

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