Go Alexa Pro and improve your SEO

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Go Alexa Pro and improve your SEO

Go Alexa Pro and improve your SEO

Go Alexa Pro and improve your SEO

Alexa is the leading provider of free, global web metrics. Search Alexa to discover the most successful sites on the web by keyword, category, or country. Use our analytics for competitive analysis, benchmarking, market research, or business development. Use Alexa’s Pro tools to optimize your company’s presence on the web.

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Alexa Pro Ber|Art 

Go Alexa Pro and improve your SEO

Go Alexa Pro and improve your SEO

Metrics You Can Use
Alexa measures all of your website traffic and provides you with a simple, understandable dashboard of your key performance metrics.

Certified by Alexa
Our rigorous certification process ensures the highest degree of accuracy in our measurements and delivers metrics you can trust.

Enhanced Site Listing
Promote your success to the world by displaying your Certified Site Metrics on your public site listing.

More info : http://www.alexa.com/pro/basic

How to get a Better Alexa Ranking #infographic 

Go Alexa Pro and improve your SEO

Go Alexa Pro and improve your SEO

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19 Reacties

  1. Bang Gowes 2 november 2012 om 09:12

    Great content, thanks Berrie!

  2. Daniel Hartnett 2 november 2012 om 09:38

    One of the nicest infographs I have seen online.

  3. Allen Wagner 2 november 2012 om 09:59

    Great info! Alexa has always been in the back of mind, I should more with it.

  4. James Coakes 2 november 2012 om 10:20

    Nice infographic. The problem with Alexa has been that it's not reliable so it makes a lot of sense to give them better access to your data. Like any tool it's taking the time to use it best.

    • James Coakes 2 november 2012 om 20:47

      Whoops, caught working.

  5. Eric Hearn 2 november 2012 om 11:45

    Great infographic Berrie.

  6. Laura Sykes 2 november 2012 om 11:59

    Thanks Berrie, I do have the toolbar, but as this page is ranked 53304 and mine is 2558263 on its best day, you have persuaded me I need to do more than just leave it to chance.

  7. Billy Stewart 2 november 2012 om 11:59

    Very interesting, I will have to look more into it now ;-).

  8. Casey Quinlan 2 november 2012 om 12:48

    Thanks for the road-map! Have wondered how the Alexa back end worked, will now explore putting it to use.

  9. Sharon Ulery Ruggieri 2 november 2012 om 13:09

    I've noticed that Alexa can be a moody brat at times. One day my blog is #89k in the country, the next week it'll be 250k. And I did nothing different…even got more hits than the week before. Alexa needs more midol ;).

  10. Semen Frish 2 november 2012 om 13:37

    Thanks, all clear as usual 🙂

  11. Cosmic Doggerel 2 november 2012 om 14:07

    hmmm interesting facts on Alexa.

  12. Rick Thomas 2 november 2012 om 18:02

    Love the infographic! Even though sometimes inconsistent … Alexa is a well trusted for keyword research and traffic analysis!

  13. The Uber Geek! 2 november 2012 om 19:16

    Great article I didn’t know Alexa had java script you could install.

  14. Celia Griffin 3 november 2012 om 08:46

    That's Amazing…

  15. WebNode 3 november 2012 om 14:34

    Yes. Alexa will have great impact on websites and it will be good to have our site indexed by alexa with high ratings.

  16. Ris Ya 3 november 2012 om 14:49

    can follow the guidance provided.

  17. Martin Marcus 8 januari 2013 om 09:59

    There is a service on Rankage.com that lets you increase Alexa rank. I have been using it for a few weeks now and my Alexa rank improved from beyond 3,000,000 to less than 50,000 in just 30 days.

  18. Anton 20 mei 2013 om 13:11

    Great article! I’m trying an experiment with Alexa Rank improving and there are some good results. Talking about certified metrics – there are some different thoughts, because the most important thing – is your site’s traffic which has the greatest impact to the Rank. So the certified metrics is desirable, but not the most important aspect. Now I’m working on the same article with some instructions about rank improving, so your information is very important for me and the this infographic solved some of my questions, the answers to which I could not find nowhere.

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