Adventures in Online Learning an Infographic

Eduventures, the marketing research firm, predicts that hundreds of nonprofits will seek to move online more aggressively, as a way to compete with for-profit schools.

Pros and Cons of taking Online courses

Pro: Less Expensive: Online tuition generally cost less (plus no travel and housing costs to classroom; class attendee can continue to work at his/her job while taking classes

Con: Additional cost of high-speed Internet

Con: Computer boot-up time, software programs, and connection to Internet; students may be required to learn new or enhanced computer and troubleshooting skills

Pro: Most community colleges believe that student demand for fully online courses is outpacing the college’s supply

Con: But new studies suggest that colleges may be overestimating students’ desire for more online learning, particularly in certain subjects.

Pro: Students appreciate the flexibility and option of online learning

Con: Most would not want to take all their classes online. Students indicated they valued the more intimate connection with teachers and fellow students offered in traditional classrooms.

Pro: Students report that they only take courses online if they feel they can learn the material on their own.

Con: If students expect a course to be difficult, they prefer face-to-face courses.

Con: Students feel that certain subjects, such as languages, public speaking and counseling, are particularly unsuited to the online setting.

Adventures in Online Learning an Infographic

Adventures in Online Learning an Infographic

Source: Nonprofitcollegesonline

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