50 Things we don’t do anymore Due to Technology an Infographic

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50 Things we don’t do anymore Due to Technology an Infographic

50 Things we don’t do anymore Due to Technology an Infographic

A study conducted by Mozy last year found that technology is replacing many of the tasks that have been mainstays in our lives for years.

When you consider the telecom industry, for example, when was the last time you looked something up in a phone book? Or used a phone book?

Sure, they have 50 listings for party clowns for your 8-year-old’s birthday party, but isn’t it just faster to search online? Have you or your children ever called to hear “At the sound of the tone, the time will be 4:13 PM”? Technology is making life easier, faster, more accurate, and more personal.

Take a stroll down memory lane with us and review 50 of the things we don’t do (or maybe have never done) thanks to technology.

50 Things we don’t do anymore Due to Technology an Infographic

Source: Mozy

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14 Reacties

  1. Simon 7 oktober 2013 om 14:20

    I must be old school I still do a quite a number of those things!

  2. Edward Ramm 7 oktober 2013 om 14:30

    Wow it’s amazing what’s changed, great list!

  3. Ming Jong Tey 7 oktober 2013 om 14:51

    Well, for faxing document, I think it is still widely practised in the office. It will probably be there for a couple more years!


  4. Bree Hoge 7 oktober 2013 om 16:45

    Never thought of all these, thanks for sharing it!

  5. John J 7 oktober 2013 om 22:59

    Can you repost the image? The small text in each image is unreadable for me.


    – John

  6. Java Dewd 8 oktober 2013 om 02:22

    I still do a few of these things. #oldFart

  7. Zoë 8 oktober 2013 om 03:46

    What timing that I come across this post. I JUST began a 28-day challenge in October to handwrite and mail a letter to a different person for each day.


    Nice post!


  8. Tony Onwujiairri 8 oktober 2013 om 11:10

    Awesome!…. I have alsmost forgetton some of these things…. mmmhhhhh…nice infographic.

  9. Mary-Margaret Walker 8 oktober 2013 om 18:14

    Just today, Berrie, I came across this question on a random site I was passing through….

    “What is half way around the world from USA Or what is half way around the world from Memphis Tn. Only warped minds ponder things like this. I do not have a globe. Thanks?”

    I realized at that moment how much I miss globes. We had a globe in our home. Practically every family had a globe in their home. I did a quick search on Amazon US and they have all different kinds of globes for different periods in history as well as different types of studies. But I wonder how many people have a globe in their home today.

  10. 24/7 in France 8 oktober 2013 om 18:54

    I still do some of the things listed, but hadn’t thought of doing most of them for a long time – technology has its pros and cons too!

  11. Gus 9 oktober 2013 om 14:27

    I beg to differ on several of those items. Maybe not as many people do some of those things anymore, but I beleive that there are more than just a few who still do. I also beleive that many people STILL visit flea markets and yard sales. They arew still popular.

  12. ron 17 oktober 2013 om 14:44

    am I really that old?

  13. bmhomere 31 oktober 2013 om 07:02

    Really good staff.

  14. Angela 3 november 2013 om 22:22

    I still do a lot of these things (most in combination with technology). Especially #7, 11, 16, 17, 19, 22, 25, 26, 29, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 38, 43, 45, 49, 50. Numbers 25 & 44 are the same, and so are #11 & 28. What I don’t do anymore thanks to technology is carry around a flashlight, a memo pad, and a paper shopping list.

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