4 Easy Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Events – Infographic

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4 Easy Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Events – Infographic

4 Incredibly Easy Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Events – Infographic

At Eventility we have first-hand experience of helping thousands of event organisers to manage and promote their concerts, sporting events, seminars, conferences, fundraisers, clubs and groups. You name it – we’ve helped someone to run it!

As you probably already know, events and social media are a match made in heaven. Online platforms are ready-made for event management, whether it’s organising or promoting an event, encouraging engagement on the day itself or extending the lifetime value of the event for days, weeks and even months afterwards.

4 Incredibly Easy Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Events

4 Incredibly Easy Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Events

Source: Eventility

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  1. Hansjörg Leichsenring 1 juni 2013 om 11:44

    Great infografic Berrie. Thx!
    Cheers from Germany.



  2. Branko Zecevic 1 juni 2013 om 12:39

    Great tips! Thanks Berrie!

  3. Bill Lazdowski 1 juni 2013 om 12:42

    Thank you for this infographic Berrie. Popped it over on Pinterest as well.

  4. Barry Gumm 1 juni 2013 om 12:43

    Great stuff as per your usual standard.

  5. Barry Gumm 1 juni 2013 om 12:45

    Just love it thanks again.

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    Thanks Berrie.

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    Thanks Berrie!

  8. Stephanie Epps 1 juni 2013 om 13:17

    Very cool infograph.

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    Great tips! Thanks Berrie!

  10. Carla 1 juni 2013 om 16:53

    Beautiful presentation of some great information! I shared it on Pinterest and Google+.

  11. RadeBigMan 1 juni 2013 om 15:10

    Great info, thanks!

  12. Mary-Margaret Walker 1 juni 2013 om 15:17

    Absolutely everyone needs to boost their events!

  13. Ron Richardson 1 juni 2013 om 16:05

    Berrie, thanks for a clear and informative infographic. I am happy to share it!

  14. Harold Gardner 1 juni 2013 om 18:25

    Useful thoughts to help in making a plan.

  15. Ken Pickard 1 juni 2013 om 16:28

    Amazing infographic on how to use social media to build towards your next event. I've noticed a pretty big spike in leveraging social media for all kinds of things. The tricks about events is getting the buzz out there first. Then sharing snippets during the event to your social media followers. Then the last thing (which a lot of people miss) is sharing the follow up or take-aways from the event.

  16. Susan Bachelder 1 juni 2013 om 17:07

    Great info graphic! Nicely organized and displayed with such valuable tips on utilizing Social Media leverage to increase buzz before, during and after events. I agree with Ken Pickard that many miss sharing the follow up take aways from the event! Thanks for putting this out.

  17. Nadine Labelle Carpentier 1 juni 2013 om 17:52

    So interesting! Thank you!

  18. Jason Wagner 1 juni 2013 om 19:00

    Infographics can be one of the very best ways to convey complex information in an easy to digest format…Good infographic 🙂

  19. Mithu Hassan 1 juni 2013 om 21:17

    As always great sharing, thank you so much!

  20. Eric Penn 1 juni 2013 om 23:38

    Thanks that's great!

  21. Rebecca 2 juni 2013 om 01:46

    I have some events coming up. This will come in handy. Thanks so much.

  22. Bree Hoge 3 juni 2013 om 07:36

    Thanks for the helpful info!

  23. Dillon DLite 4 juni 2013 om 00:19

    Great stuff.. I host events.. so this is valid.. Love the infographic.

  24. Tim Sae Koo 15 juni 2013 om 00:54

    Great post/ resource!

    I couldn't help but share to you and your readers another solution if hosts wanted to stream live Twitter/Instagram hashtag feeds on a big screen at the event venue called Tint.

    If you wanted more information, feel free to check out: http://www.tintup.com/blog/the-best-twitter-wall-display/.

  25. Warren Whitlock 26 juni 2013 om 18:34

    great checklist. Since all events are social events… Make sense that all should use social media.

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