25 Best WordPress Plugins of 2014 two infographics

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25 Best WordPress Plugins of 2014 two infographics

25 Best WordPress Plugins of 2014 an infographic (2 times)

WordPress Plugins

Blogging and wordpress plugins wasn’t that cool 5 years ago. It was for geeks. Since then geeks have become sexy. Now blogging is done by almost everyone.

I think there is a link between the two!

WordPress is “the” platform if you want to take your blogging to the next level. Sure you can do Tumblr and Blogger…. but in the “I am serious about blogging” category, WordPress is the “go to” platform

Why WordPress rocks

One of the best things about WordPress is the global community that creates plugins that make it sing and dance.  Want to optimize your content and posts for search engines… there is a free plugin for that. Need a contact form…again there is a plugin already developed for you.

Other benefits include a vast global pool of experts that can design, develop and optimize your blog or website, then there is its low cost and the flexibility.

The top 25 WordPress plugins

So what are the top 25 WordPress plugins?

25 Best WordPress Plugins of 2014 an infographicSource: Siteber

25 Best WordPress Plugins of 2014 an infographic

To find out about the top 100 WordPress plugins visit LeadIn

The top 5 WordPress plugins

So what are the top 25 WordPress plugins?

1. Akismet

One of the biggest problems with a WordPress blog is “spam comments. Akismet stops almost all spam in their tracks.

2. All in One SEO Pack

Need to optimize your blog for search engines? Then this one is the most popular. Another one worth checking out is “WordPress SEO Plugin” by Yoast.

3. Contact Form 7

One of the most important key elements for a blog or website is the ability for people to contact you and this is a very simple plugin that helps you do that.

4. Google XML Sitemaps

Making it easy for Google to crawl and index your site is vital. This plugin automatically generates a sitemap for you that makes it easy for Google’s bots to do that.

5. NextGen Gallery

The rise of a visual web has made it important to have images and photos as part of your content publishing tactics. NextGen makes this easy to do.

Want to see the next on the list then check out the infographic below!



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