101 Social Media and Social Network Tools

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101 Social Media and Social Network Tools

101Social Media and Social Network Tools

101Social Media and Social Network Tools

101 Social Media and Social Network SEO Tools

Social media is a type of online media that expedites conversation as opposed to traditional media, which delivers content but doesn’t allow readers/viewers/listeners to participate in the creation or development of the content.

Social media essentially is a category of online media where people are talking, participating, sharing, engaging, networking, and bookmarking online.

Social Media is media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.

101 Social Media and Social Network SEO Tools


  • Percolate – Turns brands into curators. Creates content for the social web.
  • HubSpot – Inbound Marketing > marketing hub for small biz
  • awe.sm – Analytics for social media.
  • TweetReach – How far did your tweet travel?
  • Contaxio – Contact management for your social networks.
  • PostPost – Awesome stuff gets lost on Twitter. Strip-search your timeline.
  • SocialScope – A mobile inbox for your social networks.
  • NutshellMail – Delivers a social media summary to your email inbox.
  • Amplicate – Find out what people love and hate on social media.
  • Bottlenose – A smarter way to surf the stream.
  • AddShoppers – Reward sharing, measure results, add shoppers.
  • GroupTweet – Create a more dynamic Twitter account with multiple authors.
  • HowSociable – Measure your brand magnitude.
  • North Social – Quickly create and manage Facebook pages.
  • BrandMyMail – Include live social content in your Gmail emails.
  • CardMunch – LinkedIn app scans business cards to your contacts
  • Social Mention – Real-time social media search and analysis.
  • FeedMagnet – Social curation for websites and events.
  • TabJuice – Ultimate e-commerce solution for Facebook (100% free).
  • Conversocial – Deliver great customer service in Facebook and Twitter.
  • Bitly Enterprise – Short URL branding, real-time alerts, monitoring and more.
  • PeopleBrowsr – Social analytics for marketers.
  • Needium – Social media lead generation.
  • Crowdspoke – Find relevant content to share with customers, fans.
  • The Archivist – Save and analyze tweets.
  • MyLikes – Publishers promote your content through social networks.
  • Postling – Provides small businesses with social media tools.
  • bre.ad – URL shortener like bit.ly with customizable billboards
  • Evernote – never lose a random though again – all stored in the cloud
  • Eventbrite – online tool for events and selling tickets


  • Shoutlet – Enterprise social marketing platform.
  • Awareness, Inc. – Publish, manage, measure, engage.
  • Unified – The world’s first social operating platform. Enterprise marketing.
  • Wildfire – Promotion, analytics, monitoring and more.
  • EngageSciences – The fastest growing European social marketing vendor.
  • LocalResponse – Helps marketers respond to real-time consumer intent.
  • GraphScience – Leverage the social graph. Optimize Facebook marketing.
  • GoChime – Reach the people who are a perfect fit for your products.
  • Adly – Celebrity endorsements in social media.
  • Hy.ly – From fans to leads. Facebook presence, contents and more.
  • SocMetrics – Engage influencers.
  • MarketMeSuite – Your free social inbox. End-to-end social marketing.
  • Fanplayr – Social game marketing.
  • memelabs – Branded Facebook contests and much more.
  • PowerVoice – Advertisers harness a consumer-to-consumer platform.
  • Lithium – Social community and marketing solutions.
  • Syncapse – Social media marketing, measurement and management.
  • Vitrue – Helps you utilize social communities for business.
  • Adotomi – Performance marketing for social media.
  • Zoniz – Full-service social marketing management platform.
  • Argyle Social – Data-driven social media marketing software.
  • Buddy Media – Offers a social enterprise marketing suite.
  • Extole – Consumer-to-consumer social marketing.
  • BuzzParadise – International network of social media advertising.
  • Zuberance – Energize your brand advocates.
  • Involver – A social marketing platform and more.
  • Silentale – Market and customer insights for Facebook page data.
  • SocialTwist – Acquire new customers using social referrals.
  • eCairn – Social media marketing solutions for marketing agencies.
  • Bazaarvoice – Ratings and Social Commerce software


  • Netvibes – Social media monitoring, analytics and alerts dashboard.
  • Brandwatch – Social media monitoring tools.
  • ThinkUp – Free open source social media insights platform.
  • DataSift – Unlock insights from historical Twitter data.
  • Odimax – Actionable intelligence for social media marketing.
  • GlobalWebIndex – Provides data on users of your web presence.
  • Attentio – See what the world is saying about your brand.
  • Traackr – Find the influencers who matter to you.
  • Unmetric – The social benchmarking company.
  • LiveWorld – Moderation, community programming and actionable insight.
  • PeerIndex – Understand your influence across social media.
  • Jive – Social media monitoring and much more.
  • ethority – Social media intelligence.
  • CliMet – Maintain your brands reputation on Facebook and Youtube.
  • YourBuzz – Get the buzz on your business.
  • Eqentia – Enterprise content curation, monitoring and republishing.
  • Sentiment Metrics – Social media monitoring, measurement, engagement.
  • MutualMind – Intelligently monitor, analyze and engage.
  • Appinions – Discover and engage leading influencers on any topic.
  • Social Fixation – Apps. Automation. Awesomeness.
  • Digimind – Competitive intelligence and online reputation monitoring.
  • StepRep – Listen to what people are saying about your brand online.
  • Trackur – Social media monitoring made easy.
  • CustomScoop – Online news clipping and social media monitoring.
  • Beevolve – Comprehensive and affordable social media monitoring.
  • Visible – Social media monitoring, analytics and engagement.
  • Sysomos – Social media monitoring tools for business.


  • Radian6 – Social media monitoring and engagement, social CRM.
  • Sprout Social – Social media management, Twitter tools, social CRM.
  • Spredfast – Social CRM and enterprise marketing.
  • Nimble – Social CRM simplified. Turn communities into customers.
  • Sprinklr – Social CRM, enterprise social media dashboard.


  • HootSuite – Dashboard for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  • SocialFlow – Optimized publisher for Facebook and Twitter.
  • uberVU – The intelligent social media dashboard.
  • tracx – An end-to-end social media management system.
  • thismoment – Engage everyone, everywhere, easily.
  • Hearsay Social – Enterprise social media software.
  • Sendible – Social media marketing, monitoring and management.
  • Pluck – Integrated social media solutions from Demand Media.
  • SocialVolt – Social media management software.
  • Engage121 – Social media management  that enables customer relationships
  • Parature personalized approach to web-based customer service & help desk software
  • Tweetdeck Dashboard for teams using Twitter and Facebook



  • Banyan Branch – Social media strategy, engagement, analysis and more.
  • Converseon – Social strategy and analytics agency.
  • Brickfish – viral map software – top clients (Redbox, Lemonhead)
  • Splashcube – Social media marketing and training.
  • WannaBeeSocial – Southwest Airlines of Social Agencies
  • Webtrends – Social, mobile and web analytics and tools.
  • iStrategyLabs – Experimental social media marketing and more.


  • Klout – Measures social media influence.
  • ShopVisible – Social commerce solution
  • Yammer – The enterprise social network.
  • Gigya – Social login, social plugins, analytics, gamifaction and more.
  • TrustYou – Social media monitoring for the hospitality industry.
  • Cyfe – All-in-one business dashboard and real-time monitoring.
  • Janrain – Social login, social profile storage, game mechanics, analytics.
  • BzzAgent – A word of mouth marketing company.
  • IZEA – Connects social media publishers with advertisers.
  • Lotame – Data and audience management platform.
  • OneDesk – Connect employees, partners and customers.
  • SocialVibe – Engagement marketing.
  • TwentyFeet – Social media monitoring and ego-tracking.
  • Timehop – What were you doing 1 year ago today?
  • Refollow – Discover, manage and protect your Twitter social circle.
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