The XeeMe Scorpion Order Explained

The XeeMe Scorpion Order Explained

The XeeMe Scorpion Order Explained

The XeeMe Scorpion Order Explained

Having developed networking and communication skills and being an active networker is much more than just having a Social Media profile.

Things like reputation, trust, credibility are playing a huge role. Through the nature of XeeMe, our users are aggregating highly valuable and sometimes very unique data.

This allows us to provide a ranking unlike any other.

SCORPION: Sharing, Credible, Open, Reach, Personable, Influential, Omnipresent, Networker

XeeMe Scorpion Ranks

  1. XeeMe User – Anybody using XeeMe
  2. Padwan – 3+ Score, 6+ sites, (100*)
  3. Hunter – 5+ Score, 10+ sites, activities, (500*), K20
  4. Warrior – 5+ Score , 10+ sites, activities, (500*), K40
  5. Archery Master – 20+ Score, 10+ sites, activities, (800*) K40
  6. Knight – 20+ Score, 45 days on XeeMe, (1,000*) K50
  7. XeeMe Warden – 20+ Score, 20 days on XeeMe, (2500k*) K50
  8. Master – 50+ Score, 60 days on XeeMe, Buzz points, (10k*) K60
  9. Jedi – 85+ Score, 180 days on XeeMe, Buzz points, (20k*) K70
  10. Vizard – 100 Score, 270 days on XeeMe, VIP edition K70
  11. Scorpion Master – 115 Score, 1 year on XeeMe, reputation (later more on this one)

* = Twitter follower | K = Klout | Rank will update every day

The above data are just a rough summary. Approximately 20 different datapoints are used to compile the Scorpion Rank!

While XeeMe is by and large a corporate business tool, gamification keeps it fun and engaging. :)

XeeMe maximizes your social media impact, turning your content into actionable items. #XeeMe

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