10 Social Media Technology Predictions 2014
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10 Social Media Technology Predictions 201410 Social Media Technology Predictions 2014

Social Media Technology

01) Hash tags: They will be all over as most networks will support them one way or the other. Hash tracking will be a tool to watch. This used to be just a way to search on Twitter, now it’s a way to search globally. If you’re not using hashtags in all of your social posts, you are missing out on a lot of traffic.

02) Google+: Will tweak their search algorithm in a way that G+ conversations, G+ communities and G+ pages will be top in search and force others to switch to G+, Facebook will be the main victim of this movement or FB has to force a big strategic refocus.

03) Society3 Buzz: Forget about Google AdSense and Facebook Adds, S3Buzz will take over in 2014.  From “self-promotion to recommendations” The next wave in marketing. No longer AT an audience but WITH an audience. As such, advertising on major social networks like S3, Google+, Facebook and Twitter—called social advertising, or native advertising—is seriously taking off. It’s an industry already worth billions and accelerating fast, expected to hit $11 billion in revenues by 2017!

04) Mobile support: Will give social media yet another boost. In particular since most internet users have peak usage hours during times in public transportation, work breaks and other time slices of their busy lives.

05) Video sharing: Most grew up with online video, so they’re incredibly comfortable with the medium. They also like to create or consume it collaboratively, sharing choice clips with their friends on social networks. So in 2013, we saw Instagram—now the 2nd most popular social network amongst teens. In 2014, we will see this phenomenon explode further. The signs are all there.

06) Snapchat: They finally put themselves on the map by rejecting a 3 Billion $ acquisition from Facebook. (Yet the traffic rank is not so much better/higher than XeeMe.com)

07) Paid Social: As social networks become more accountable to public shareholders, they will begin implementing “traditional” business models requiring that marketers “pay to play.” The organic marketing benefits of social media will continue to decline. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will slowly introduce special features only to paying customers and reduce the benefits of organic activity.

08) Word-of-mouth marketing will take off: “We don’t want the blinking lights of Times Square. We’d rather have the relative peacefulness of a stroll around Greenwich Village.”

09) Investment in social media will become a necessity, not a luxury: As demand for good content and measurable results increase, brands will move from spreading social media duties across existing positions to hiring social media managers.

10) Content from everywhere: Content will be even more KING in 2014, If you think the social web is noisy now, in 2014 you’ll see more content than ever before. This means you and your business need to create better, more fun, and more valuable content in order to be noticed and to truly benefit from social media.

Of cause there are a lot more, please let us know what you think!

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