Content Marketing Strategy is the New SEO, an Infographic

Content Marketing Strategy is the New SEO

Content marketing, the creation and sharing of content in order to attract, acquire and engage readers, users and customers, became a “do or die” for online marketers in 2012

Content Marketing is the New SEO. Having a Content Marketing strategy for your online business is key to SEO success in 2013. However, Content Marketing should be done correctly by following certain guidelines. Below is an infographic which shows the Do’s and Dont’s of Content Marketing.

Content Marketing Strategy is the New SEO

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Content Marketing Strategy is the New SEO
Content Marketing Strategy is the New SEO
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11 comments to Content Marketing Strategy is the New SEO, an Infographic

  • djdaniel

    Great article. I agree that content marketing is the new SEO. Its all about the content and the presentation of that content, as its people we need to convince the worthiness of our content to today, not Google.

  • Thanks for this great overview about dos and donts

    Cheers from Germany

  • Content marketing is a great way to build up long term traffic! It will become a truly autopilot sources to pull in visitors just because of the quality content!

    Still, there are lots of work to do to promote the content to get the words out :)


  • Dazza30

    That’s a great infographic, one worthy of a share or two. However sometimes I get the impression that people talk about content marketing as if it were something new!

    Its been around for years, well in my case since 2002. I think its just something you naturally do if you create content. Marketing content effectively is a different subject altogether.

  • Informative infographic!

  • Stephanie

    Content, content, content! Great post, thanks

  • Some great stuff here Berrie. Particularily liked the do’s and don’ts

  • Jacob

    Great advice! I think a lot of SEO’ers overlook the importance of content marketing. These are valuable tips and suggestions that can help people attract (and retain) more website visitors.

  • Som

    Hi, its very informative and useful. Even I dont content marketing.

    You have explained do’s and dont’s very well.

    Thanks for the sharing.